1-1 triathlon coaching


Need help getting from where you are to where you'd like to be in 2017?


Selecting a coach that's right for you is a great start toward your goal.


Fee structure for 2018:


Coaching plans with weekly feedback exchange, plan update  £40.00 / month


Field-based fitness tests £20 each


Face to face coached sessions £20 / hour (+ expenses)


You may need help with training plans, specific skills like swim technique, strength and conditioning, or guidance on areas like nutrition or hydration.


See the subject specific sections on the left sidebar to find out more about the specific aspects of coaching services that may be of interest.


Download the athlete agreement to find out more about the level of service you're interested in , or submit the athlete questionnaire to see whether GI Tri 1-1 coaching is for you.




Athlete Agreement
Athlete Agreement 10 Oct 16.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [25.9 KB]
Athlete_questionnaire_blank copy.pdf
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Triathlon Coaching:



All GI Tri 1-1 coaching includes the following:


Initial questionnaire and interview


Macro cycle planning - Working through the big picture of where you are now and how you're able to reach your goal.


Meso cycle planning - the phases that you'll go through to build the strength, endurance, speed and skill set required to meet your goal, including general preparation, specific preparation, pre-competition, competition and transitional phase after your 'A' race.


Micro cycle planning - a detailed weekly plan of the sessions required to balance your goal and time availability.


Services may also include:


Fitness assessment


Periodic fitness testing


Nutritional analysis


Hydration analysis


Sweat rate analysis


Race-day fuelling and hydration strategy



We are located at:

Doncaster Lakeside


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